A new trainer teaching framework in the post-covid era

The COVID emergency has forced Universities in much of the world to transfer teaching activities online, giving life to the largest digitization experiment in history. It is a challenge destined to profoundly influence the academic scenario of the future, making e-learning a permanent component of university teaching and placing individual teachers and the governance of different universities at a crossroads: whether to resort to the simple what is now outdated remote video lesson or to use turnkey training products, not conceived and created by placing the student at the centre of the teaching process, but packaged tout-court in an industrial approach. This condition is difficult to reconcile with the plurality and heterogeneity of learning needs that should not be demeaned, approved and compressed but rather valued, interpreted and satisfied to prevent a risk, among other things increasing due to COVID, of a reduction in enrolments and of financial resources (EUA, The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on university funding in EU, 2020).

In response to these critical issues, the project, through the creation of a strategic partnership between HEIs and methodological and technological innovation training centres, focuses on the development of digital and methodological skills of a pool of teachers from 5 EU countries of 10 HEIs (IT, EL, ES, SI, PL) favouring its evolution towards the role of Hi-Teacher, able to supervise hi-tech teaching equipment and to apply inclusive web-based teaching methods that look at the use of audio-visual and to gaming as experimental grounds to introduce elements of flexibility, simplicity, accessibility, interactivity and personalization, which represent key quality indicators in open learning. This project design implies a transnational cooperation strategy of the extended HE to generate relational, scientific and methodological capital of high added value that cannot be achieved with regional and/or national initiatives.

Expected Results

  1. SIGNATURE OF PROTOCOLS OF UNDERSTANDING, the format of which will be downloadable from the project website, to formalize the multi-actor strategic partnership and allow the involvement and aggregation of new actors and stakeholders from the academic, educational, social and institutional systems of the European regions to implement the project results and disseminate their adoption in the Higher Education sector to support sustainability and the pursuit of excellence in the development of learning, teaching and skills.
  2. DEVELOPMENT AND SYSTEMATIC ADOPTION OF A LEARNING PROGRAMME, as a didactic framework of "training of trainers", innovative and adherent to the real needs of upskilling of teachers to allow them to acquire the articulated set of Hi-Teacher skills necessary to design, deliver and evaluate student learning processes designed, conducted and implemented at a distance in online mode.
  3. CO-DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES, in the form of video pills, using Chroma Key techniques combined with visual thinking, to enhance, for the benefit of teachers of Higher Education, in the territorial contexts of reference of the European partners involved, a set of skills related to the techniques of training trainers and innovative methodologies proposed.
  1. Creation and development, even beyond the life cycle of the project, of a TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK OF EUROPEAN TEACHERS that will consolidate and follow up, keeping alive over time, the synergistic action of training trainers through the actions of awareness and dissemination, including through social channels, will be expanded and extended to other European teachers to replicate the experimental methodological approach in other academic contexts, geographical and cultural.
  2. Systemic adoption in Higher Education of a common Hi-HANDBOOK of methodological innovation focused on Movie Education (©CONFORM), on Game-Based didactics, on Instructional Design logics for the construction of a didactic palimpsest, accompanied by case histories and support tools, so that trained teachers can experiment and repeat distance learning sessions with high added value in terms of methodology and technology for the benefit of classes of students from different disciplines.


Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Formación Y Educación Integral
Panteion University
Poznań University of Economics and Business
University of Salerno
University of Ljubljana
Università Politecnica delle Marche
University of Peloponnese
University of Patras
University of Primorska
Universitat Rovira i Virgili


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